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Architecture / Workshop  –  Nenzing, 2018


Earthwork is a construction format combining research and teaching about rammed earth with the building of an actual project in a certain time frame. In 2018 the project was a garden pavilion mainly made from local rammed-earth. The walls, the floor and the integrated oven for heating and baking bread/pizza were subsequently rammed in layers to become a monolithic body forming the main space of the pavilion. 

An international team worked on the project, which was initiated by Hanno Burtscher and Tobias Fritz, both collaborating with well-known pioneer Martin Rauch (LehmTonErde), developing rammed-earth techniques for modern architectural design and standards. 

Team: Hanno Burtscher, Tobias Fritz, David Moritz, Rachel Carroz, Hanchao He, Balazs Földvary, Sunayana Golechha, Joe Klüber, Manon Delhomme, Stefanie Rückrich, Nicolas Lhermurier, Vinzent Diezinger, Tingyu Zeng, Moya + Dagmar Dosedelová, Nicole Düringer, Stefan Warnaar, Pieter Van Bruyssel, Gunar Thom und Elmar Losch.

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