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Prototype / Design-Build / University Course   –  ESA/ESTEC, SSC, EPFL, BTU, 2019


IGLUNA is an interdisciplinary platform where students from worldwide universities design and collaborate on innovative projects for the future of space exploration and the improvement of life on Earth. During the project, university students apply their knowledge to solve a technical challenge, to sustain life in an extreme environment, increasing in parallel the maturity of technologies relevant to the space domain.


The Smart Ice Lab was designed and constructed by the BTU team for the analogue moon mission to be tested by geologists and scientists from ESA/ESTEC, ILEWG and the FU Amsterdam. The prototype was developed and built to serve as an mobile moon laboratory to examine probes on the moon. The foldable Lab is equipped with an airlock system to provide a clean examination process.

A board of experts from space agencies, renowned international companies and research institutions are mentoring the students throughout the year to consolidate the projects for the Field Campaign, which took place inside the Matterhorn glacier in Zermatt in June 2019.

Students were additionally engaged in a test mission in HiSeas, an analogue moon habitat on the volcanic mountains of Hawaii.


For more information on IGLUNA 2019 click here.

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