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Architecture / Workshop / Teaching  –  Grosser Garten, Gerswalde, 2020


Baking Futures was first conceived in 2019 for the Making Futures School and carried out as a 2-week workshop. Baking Futures deals with the values of collective, practical action both in professional practice and in everyday private life. The concept combines the collective building of a bread oven out of clay with the experience of preparing simple meals with original materials; in combination with “real” home-grown sourdough. The construction of a rammed earth bread oven and the preparation of food are carried out slowly, consciously and performatively, together with discussions about everyday rituals and practices.

Baking Futures V took place at the "Grosser Garten" in Gerswalde north of Berlin. This garden was the traditional vegetable garden for the nearby castle and since a few years has been re-activated not only with beautiful organic food, but also with with creative and joyous atmosphere for people to meet, conncet and create. The construction workshop to build the bread oven was part of the opening project for the NEW NARRATIVES summer-academy 2020.


As an open construction site and food laboratory, we invite participants to constructive moments to help each other, learn, share, relax, digest, ferment and reflect.

Team: David Moritz, Johanna Dehio, Frederic Erdl

Images by David Moritz, Johanna Dehio, Constanze Flamme. 

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