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Prototype / Design-Build / University Course   –  ESA/ESTEC, SSC, EPFL, BTU, 2019


The Prototype of the Inflatable Lunar Habitat was developed based on the lava tube discoveries in the field of lunar research. Positioning the habitat in the moon's lava tubes protects it against radiation and damage by micro-particles. The structure is working with two separate inflatable support systems to ensure permanent functionality and safety in case of emergency or inspection. The lightweight construction is flexible and through the manufacturing of several material layers durable at the same time. Accessibility and extensions is provided by airlock systems between the modules, which can host different functions.

The Prototype was developed for lunar missions and at the same time it had to be adapted for the analogue mission on top of the Swiss mountain Pilatus (2.128m) with high winds and solar impact. In the design process both requirements were combined and met, which was presented at the Virtual Field Campaign in July 2020.

IGLUNA is an interdisciplinary platform where students from worldwide universities design and collaborate on innovative projects for the future of space exploration and the improvement of life on Earth. During the project, university students apply their knowledge to solve a technical challenge, to sustain life in an extreme environment, increasing in parallel the maturity of technologies relevant to the space domain.


For more information on IGLUNA 2020 click here.

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