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Architecture / Store Design  –  rocknrollarchitecture, Hamburg, 2008


“The street wears St. Pauli” is the slogan of the 1. FC St. Pauli. The brand with the skull and crossbones doesn’t just represent the Hamburg football team, it’s by now also become an attitude. Non-conformist, blunt and rough. That’s exactly what the St. Pauli flagship store resembles.

The ground is made out of original St. Pauli cobblestone. The cobbles are like the people of St. Pauli themselves: each with their own character, rough edges and each with their own story. They stick together for all times.


An offset cubic monolith that reposes in the room acts as the sales counter. It is made of glass-fibre reinforced black concrete and was flush-mounted into the cobbled ground.

The merchandise presentation system was created using folded steel sheets. The surface was “touched up” by the Cleptomanicx Skaters and the St. Pauli Rockers at the event “rock the box”. The resulting scratch, cut and corrosion vestiges were conserved with a transparent powdery coating.

The opening film shows a tour through the area from the perspective of a fellow walking through the streets of St. Pauli. He meets up with his boys at the stadium, drinks beer, steals from the St. Pauli shop and later celebrates on the Reeperbahn, his gaze wandering from his steps over the cobbled ground to one scene after the next all the while.

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