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Architecture / Workshop / Teaching  –  ConstructLab Baupalast, Berlin, 2020


Heating a wood-fire oven takes time, as does the preparation of the bread dough. In contrast to the quick sandwich on hand, such a process seems enigmatic. Only in the second moment does it become apparent that, even in today's city, care and time are important ingredients that shape our cityscape.

For a decade, active citizen initiatives have been fueling the public discussion about the future of the town hall block, in order to have turned it into a model urban development project that is committed to the cooperative participation of the city community, developers and administration. In the open process, it is now clear that everything will be constantly changing over the next few years on the extensive site in the center of Berlin, between Kreuzberg and Schöneberg.

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Team: David Moritz, Johanna Dehio, Mascha Fehse, Alexander Römer, Malte von Braun


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