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Architecture / Sail-Roofing-Construction   –  rocknrollarchitecture, Hamburg, 2010


The"Beach-Pearl" Strandperle located on the Övelgönner Elbe beach opposite the free port is a real Hanseatic gem on the Hamburg waterfront and a popular attraction for young and old. The design concept of the new wind- and weatherproof terrace roofing should definitely take into account the character of the Strandperle and its surroundings.


The construction had to be  lightweight as well as flexible and extremely stable, so that the Strandperle can cope with the wind even in adverse conditions. That is why the relevant criteria for design and function have been adapted from maritime sailing ship construction. The result is a custom-made product consisting of handcrafted masts and main booms made of Siberian larch. The handling works like "on board" with sails, pulleys, fall stoppers and winches. Ree! Strandperle ahoy!

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